The Travels of Dean Mahomet

  India in the Time of Dean Mahomet
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 expand section1. The World of Eighteenth-Century India
 collapse section2. The Travels of Dean Mahomet,  A Native of Patna in Bengal,  Through Several Parts of India,  While in the Service of  The Honourable The East India Company Written by Himself,  In a Series of Letters to a Friend
 Letter I
 Letter II
 Letter III
 Letter IV
 Letter V
 Letter VI
 Letter VII
 Letter VIII
 Letter IX
 Letter X
 Letter XI
 Letter XII
 Letter XIII
 Letter XIV
 Letter XV
 Letter XVI
 Explanation of Persian  and Indian Terms
 Letter XVII
 Letter XVIII
 Letter XIX
 Letter XX
 Letter XXI
 Letter XXII
 Letter XXIII
 Letter XXIV
 Letter XXV
 Letter XXVI
 Letter XXVII
 Letter XXVIII
 Letter XXIX
 Letter XXX
 Letter XXXI
 Letter XXXII
 Letter XXXIII
 Letter XXXIV
 Letter XXXV
 Letter XXXVI
 Letter XXXVII
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