The Travels of Dean Mahomet

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  India in the Time of Dean Mahomet
1expand sectionPreface

 expand section1. The World of Eighteenth-Century India
 expand section2. The Travels of Dean Mahomet,  A Native of Patna in Bengal,  Through Several Parts of India,  While in the Service of  The Honourable The East India Company Written by Himself,  In a Series of Letters to a Friend
34collapse section3. Dean Mahomet in Ireland  and England (1784–1851)
2Dean Mahomet Enters Cork
 Publication of Travels
4Cork Society
1Immigration to London
 Dean Mahomet Works for a Nabob
3The Hindostanee Coffee House (1809–12)
1The World of Brighton
5Dean Mahomet and Jane Move  to Brighton
 The Battery House Baths (1815–20)
2Mahomed's Baths (1821–43)
 Shifting Self-Presentations
 The Indian Method
1Shampooing Surgeon to Royalty
9Social Position in Brighton
 Dean Mahomet's Legacies

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35 occurrences of jane
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