The Travels of Dean Mahomet

  India in the Time of Dean Mahomet
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 collapse section1. The World of Eighteenth-Century India
 The Mughal Empire and the Regional States
 The European East India Companies
 The Diverse Origins of the Bengal Army
 The New Model: The Sepoy
 Sepoy Battalions
 The Bengal Army's European Regiments
 Dean Mahomet's Youth in Bihar (1759–69)
 Dean Mahomet as Camp Follower (1769–81)
 Dean Mahomet as Bengal Army Officer (1781–82)
 Dean Mahomet in Transit (1782–84)
 expand section2. The Travels of Dean Mahomet,  A Native of Patna in Bengal,  Through Several Parts of India,  While in the Service of  The Honourable The East India Company Written by Himself,  In a Series of Letters to a Friend
 expand section3. Dean Mahomet in Ireland  and England (1784–1851)

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