Coordination Without Hierarchy


 expand section1—  Multiorganizational Systems
 expand section2—  Formal Failures and Informal Compensations
 expand section3—  The Problem of Interdependence
 expand section4—  Informal Coordinative Mechanisms
 collapse section5—  The Fruits of Informal Coordination
 The Grant Application Process and the Busbridge Agreement
 The Transbay Tube Fire and Its Aftermath
 Coordination in Operations and Services
 expand section6—  Factors Facilitating Informal Organization
 expand section7—  Informal Weaknesses and Formal Compensations
 expand section8—  Coordination and Tradeoffs with Other Goals
 expand section9—  Conclusion
 expand section10—  An Afterword

  Appendix A—  Abbreviations
 expand sectionAppendix B—  Formal Structures and Responsibilities of the Major Bay Area Public Transit Operators
  Appendix C—  The Metropolitan Transportation Commission
  Appendix D—  The Regional Transit Association
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