Legal Hermeneutics


 Hermeneutics and the Rule of Law
 Law and Language: A Hermeneutics of the Legal Text

 collapse sectionPART TWO  HISTORY
 expand sectionArs Bablativa : Ramism, Rhetoric, and the Genealogy of English Jurisprudence
 expand sectionThe Americanization of Hermeneutics:  Francis Lieber's Legal and Political Hermeneutics
 Christian Praxis as Reflective Action

 collapse sectionPART THREE  THEORY
 expand sectionConstitutional Interpretation and Conceptual Change
 From the Lighthouse: The Promise of Redemption and the Possibility of Legal Interpretation
 expand sectionIntentions and the Law:  Defending Hermeneutics
 Intention, Identity, and the Constitution:  A Response to David Hoy
 Legal Indeterminacy and Legitimacy

 collapse sectionPART FOUR  PRACTICE
 expand sectionHow Trial Judges Talk: Speculations About Foundationalism and Pragmatism in Legal Culture
 Why Constitutional Theory Matters to Constitutional Practice (and Vice Versa)
 expand sectionLegal Education and the Public Life

 collapse sectionPART FIVE  COMMENTARY
 Play of Surfaces: Theory and the Law

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 expand sectionINDEX

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