To Craft Democracies


  Chapter I  Rethinking Some Hard Facts
 expand sectionChapter II  On Diffusion  How Democracy Can Grow in Many Soils
 expand sectionChapter III  Why Transferring Loyalties to Democracy May Be Less Difficult Than We Think
 expand sectionChapter IV  How Crafting Can Help the Transfer of Loyalties
 expand sectionChapter V  Tactics On How to Sell One's Craft
 collapse sectionChapter VI  Beyond Transitions  Why Democracy Can Deliver on Its Promises
 Living By The Agreement
 expand sectionImproving The Agreement
 expand sectionChapter VII  Consolidation and Legitimacy  A Minimalist View of Two Big Words
 expand sectionChapter VIII  To Craft Which Democracies?
 expand sectionChapter IX  Democracy by Diffusion, Democracy by Trespassing

 expand sectionNotes
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