White Saris and Sweet Mangoes

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  Note on Translation and Transliteration

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2Culture, Gender, and Multivocality
1The Anthropology of Aging
 The Body in Postmodern and Feminist Anthropology
1Living in Mangaldihi

5collapse section1. Persons and Families
3expand section1. Personhoods
 expand section2. Family Moral Systems
2expand section3. Conflicting Generations

1collapse section2. Aging and Dying
 expand section4. White Saris and Sweet Mangoes, Partings and Ties
1expand section5. Dealing with Mortality

6collapse section3. Gendered Transformations
6expand section6. Transformations of Gender and Gendered Transformations
 expand section7. A Widow’s Bonds
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29 occurrences of "south asia"
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