Sugar and the Origins of Modern Philippine Society

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8 Preface

33expand sectionOne  Introduction
41expand sectionTwo  Foundations, 1565-1835
118expand sectionThree  Frontiers, 1836-1920
46expand sectionFour  The Mind of Sugarlandia
115expand sectionFive  Centrals, 1920-1934
82expand sectionSix  Quotas, 1935-1941
45 Epilogue

1 Appendix A  Philippine Sugar Exports, 1836-1920
9 Appendix B  Destination of Philippine Sugar Exports, 1840-1920
4 Appendix C  Letter from Antonio Villanueva to the Director of Lands
3 Appendix D  Letter from G. Seaver to Archibald Harrison, Philippine National Bank
  Appendix E  Elected Provincial Officials Representing Western Negros and Pampanga, 1919-34
378expand sectionNotes
9 A Note on Sources
17 Abbreviations
421expand sectionIndex

1331 occurrences of philippines
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