Crescendo of the Virtuoso


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 collapse section1. Some Models of Excellence
 collapse section1. Philidor and the Café de la Régence Chess Masters
 § 1. The Second Career of François-André Danican Philidor (1726–1795) as a Chess Player
 § 2. Philidor’s Followers: Deschapelles, Labourdonnais, and the Dethroned Dynasts
 expand section2. Carême, Chef de Cuisine
 expand section3. Vidocq, Detective
 expand section4. Paganini and Liszt, Musicians
 expand section5. Robert-Houdin and the Vogue of the Automaton-Builders

 collapse section2. Some Modes of Excelling
 expand section6. Mounting Spectacles
 expand section7. Exalting Technical Skill
 expand section8. Ballooning the Self
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