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Throughout its nearly twenty years of gestation this study has been enriched by countless contributions of leading specialists in the field, through correspondence and frequent verbal exchanges as well as by their work. The thought and help of the following have been particularly influential: William J. Bouwsma, William F. Church, Ralph E. Giesey, Myron P. Gilmore, George Huppert, Donald R. Kelley, J. H. M. Salmon.

My special thanks to younger seizièmistes who allowed me to use their work (unpublished at the time). This long-delayed result is dedicated to them with gratitude and affection.

Edward Benson

Seong-Hak Kim

Lawrence M. Bryant

David Lansky

Denis Crouzet

Kristen B. Neuschel

Mark Cummings

Zachary Schiffman

Gerard Denault

Mical H. Schneider

Robert Descimon

James Smither

Michel De Waele

Alfred Soman

Jonathan Dewald

Christopher W. Stocker

Barbara B. Diefendorf

Linda L. Taber

Sarah Hanley

Larissa Taylor

Mack P. Holt

Michael Wolfe


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