The Color Bind


 expand section1  Origins
 expand section2  Hitting a Nerve
 expand section3  The Opposition
 expand section4  The Republican Party and Affirmative Action
 expand section5  Feminists, Minorities, and the Democratic Party
 expand section6  The Ground War at Ground Zero
 expand section7  Countdown
 expand section8  Stumbling to the Finish Line
 expand sectionAfterword

 collapse sectionAppendix A  Cast of Characters
 In the Proposition 209 Campaign
 Proposition 209 Campaign Supporters and Advisors
 In Governor Pete Wilson's Presidential Campaign
 In the California Attorney General's Office
 In the California Republican Party
 In the Republican National Committee
 In the Dole Campaign
 In the California Democratic Party
 In the Clinton Campaign
 In the Opposition to Proposition 209
  Appendix B  Time Line
  Suggested Reading
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