Before Taliban

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  Author’s Note

 expand section1. Introduction

 collapse sectionPart I  The Saur Revolution
 expand section2. Lives of the Party
 collapse section3. The Armature of Khalqi Power
 Ruler and Ruled
 Enemies of the People
 expand sectionCoda   The Death of a President

 collapse sectionPart II   The Pech Uprising
 expand section4. A Son of Safi
 expand section5. Anatomy of a Tribal Uprising
 expand sectionCoda   The Death of a Safi Daughter

 collapse sectionPart III  The Islamic Jihad
 expand section6. Muslim Youth
 expand section7. Fault Lines in the Afghan Jihad
 expand sectionCoda   The Death of Majrooh
 expand section8. Epilogue


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