The Widening Gate

 expand sectionPreface
  A Note on Dates and Quotations

 expand sectionIntroduction: The Closed Arena and the Open Gate

 collapse section1. Opening the Way, 1450–1650
 expand section1. Feats of Merchandise
 expand section2. Mere Merchants
 expand section3. Organizing the Society

 collapse section2. In a Worshipful State, 1450–1650
 expand section4. The Navel of the World
 expand section5. The Sanctification of Power
 expand section6. Little Businesses
 expand section7. Looking Backward

 collapse section3. The Capitalism of the Spirit, 1650–1700
 expand section8. A Shoemakers’ Holiday
 expand section9. Registering the Pilgrimage
 expand section10. The Spirit World
 expand sectionConclusion: The Widening Gate of Capitalism


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