The Mask of Socrates

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 expand sectionI.  Introduction: Image, Space, and Social Values
 expand sectionII.  The Intellectual as Good Citizen
1expand sectionIII.  The Rigors of Thinking
 expand sectionIV.  In the Shadow of the Ancients
 expand sectionV.  Hadrian's Beard
1collapse sectionVI.  The Cult of Learning Transfigured
 Learned Couples and Their Child Prodigies
 Political Office and the Philosophical Life
 The Educated Man's Search for Inner Peace
 Christ as the Teacher of the True Philosophy
 The Dual Face of Christ
 The Late Antique Philosopher "Look"
 Late Roman Copies: New Faces on Old Friends
1The Power of the Muses

  Epilogue  Ancient Philosophers and the Modern Intellectual
  Abbreviations of Frequently Cited Works
2expand sectionNotes
  Sources of Illustrations
 expand sectionGeneral Index
 expand sectionIndex Locorum
1expand sectionMuseum Index

5 occurrences of Monza
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