The Mask of Socrates


 expand sectionI.  Introduction: Image, Space, and Social Values
 expand sectionII.  The Intellectual as Good Citizen
 expand sectionIII.  The Rigors of Thinking
 expand sectionIV.  In the Shadow of the Ancients
 collapse sectionV.  Hadrian's Beard
 The World of Otium and the Gentleman Scholar
 Humble Poets and Rich Dilettantes
 Hadrian's Beard: Fashion and Mentalité
 Apuleius and the Case of the Uncombed Hair
 The Elegant Intellectual
 The Past in the Present: Rituals of Remembrance
 The Long Hair of the Charismatics
 expand sectionVI.  The Cult of Learning Transfigured

  Epilogue  Ancient Philosophers and the Modern Intellectual
  Abbreviations of Frequently Cited Works
 expand sectionNotes
  Sources of Illustrations
 expand sectionGeneral Index
 expand sectionIndex Locorum
 expand sectionMuseum Index

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