Asceticism and Society in Crisis


 expand sectionIntroduction: John's World
 expand sectionI  "These Holy Images"': John of Ephesus and the Lives of the Eastern Saints
 expand sectionII  "Let your Light so Shine Before Men": The Ascetic Vision
 expand sectionIII  Amida: The Measure of Madness
 expand sectionIV  Purpose and Places
 expand sectionV  Spirituality and Accountability: Consequences of the Ascetic Vow
 collapse sectionVI  Some Implications: The Case of Women
 Women, the Early Church, and the Syrian Orient
 John's Lives: Sixth-Century Patterns
 John's Holy Women: Women of Spirit
 John and Women: Implications of a Vision
 expand sectionVII  John of Ephesus: Asceticism and Society

 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionBibliography
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