The Best of the Argonauts

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 expand sectionIntroduction:  Themes and Methodology
 expand section1—  The Argonautic Program:  The Proemium (Argo. 1.1–22)
 expand section2—  The Argonautic Hero in Question:  The Catalogue (Argo. 1.23–233)
 expand section3—  Unheroic Contrasts:  The Departure from Iolcus (Argo. 1.234–316)
 expand section4—  The Best of the Argonauts Defined:  Preparations at Pagasae (Argo. 1.317–518)
 expand section5—  The Wrath of Thetis:  Journey from Pagasae to Lemnos (Argo. 1.519–608)
 expand section6— :  Sojourn on Lemnos (Argo. 1.609–909)
 expand section7—  Initiation and Lustration:  Sojourn on Oros Arkton (Argo. 1.910–1152)
 expand section8—  The Best of the Argonauts:  Heracles Abandoned (Argo. 1.1153–1362)

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