Between Feminism and Labor


 expand sectionOne—  Justice You Can Bank On
 expand sectionTwo—  National Gender Politics:  Affirmative Action, the Feminist Movement, and Comparable Worth
 expand sectionThree—  "Tough Politics":  The Comparable Worth Movement in San Jose
 expand sectionFour—  "No Fingerprints":  The Comparable Worth Movement in Contra Costa County
 expand sectionFive—  Constrained Choices:  Women's Interest in Women's Work
 expand sectionSix—  Limits of the Comparable Worth Movement
 expand sectionSeven—  Radical Possibilities of a Class and Gender Movement

  Appendix A  Overview of Women's Position in the Labor Force
 expand sectionAppendix B—  San Jose Interview and Documentary Material
 expand sectionAppendix C  Contra Costa County Interview and Documentary Material
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