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Archival Records

The archival records are so vast and so widely scattered that it would have required a Herculean effort to work through all of them. My aim was more modest—a selective examination of material from some of the more important archives in the hope of obtaining a reasonably balanced appreciation of the public issues that arose regarding hill stations. A list of the principal archives and classes of documents I consulted follows.

HimachaI Pradesh State Archives, Simla

Annual Reports of the Simla Municipality

Simla Municipal Corporation Records

Simla Municipal Proceedings

India Office Library and Records, London

Board's Collection

India and Bengal Dispatches

Madras Dispatches

Proceedings of the Government of the United Provinces

Public and Judicial Department

Indian National Archives, New Delhi

Home Department Proceedings

Foreign Department Proceedings

Tamil Nadu State Archives, Madras

Annual Reports, Coonoor Municipality

Annual Reports, Kodaikanal Municipality

Annual Reports, Ootacamund Municipality

West Bengal State Archives, Calcutta

Proceedings of the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal



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Central Provinces

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United Provinces

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Government Reports

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Guidebooks, Memoirs, other Primary Sources

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