expand section1  Settings and Samples in African Cults of Affliction
 expand section2  Identifying Ngoma  Historical and Comparative Perspectives
 collapse section3  Core Features in Ngoma Therapy
 Sickness And Therapeutic Initiation As A Phased Rite Of Passage
 The Diagnosis Of Misfortune
 Nosology And Spirit Fields
 The Course Through The White
 Sacrifice And Exchange
 expand sectionThe Sufferer Becomes The Healer
 expand section4  Doing Ngoma  The Texture of Personal Transformation
 expand section5  How Ngoma Works  Of Codes and Consciousness
 expand section6  How Ngoma Works  The Social Reproduction of Health

  Appendix A  Partial Listing of Guthrie's Inventory of Bantu Languages
  Appendix B  Distributions of Terms in Bantu Languages Pertaining to Therapeutic Concepts and Actions
 expand sectionAppendix C  Instrumentation Accompanying Healing Rituals in Central and Southern Africa
 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionIndex

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