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Southern Savanna

Lunda-Tshokwe (K.11) "song of healing": I female soloist/ choir + lubemb double gong/ ngom drum/ kakakasj drum sticks
(IMNZ recording 75.2.13/4 by Gansemans)

Lunda (L.52) "healing songs": 4 females
(IMNZ recording 75.2.14/6 and 15/1 by Gansemans)

Pende (L.11) "Ngombo" divination: 1 female + dimba xylophone
(IMNZ recording 80.2.2/43 by Malutshi)

Pende (L.11) "Hamba": female vocal + ngoma drum
(IMNZ recording 80.2.2/34–42 by Malutshi)


Yaka (H.31) "divination": diviner/ assistant/ choir + nkoko trapezoid drum/ ngoma drum
(IMNZ recordings 74.4.2/13 and 74.16.4/5)

Luvale (K.14) "Hamba": female vocal/ choir + ngoma drums (Spring 1978)

Ndembu (L.52) "drums of affliction": solo/ choir + ngoma drums (Turner 1968)

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