Political Economy and the Rise of Capitalism


 expand sectionChapter One  From Feudalism to Capitalism: The Historical Context of Classical Political Economy
 expand sectionChapter two  Rent and Taxes: The Origins of Classical Political Economy
 collapse sectionChapter Three  The Paradox of the Physiocrats: State Building and Agrarian Capitalism in Eighteenth-Century France
 Agromania and Anglomania: The Discovery of English Agronomy and Political Economy
 François Quesnay and Physiocracy
 Quesnay's Encyclopédie Articles
 The Centrepiece: The Tableu Économique
 "Guard Dogs of the Monarch": Legal Despotism and the Natural Order
 Physiocracy and the Debate on the Grain Trade
 Turgot and "Neophysiocracy"
 expand sectionChapter Four  Commerce, Corruption, and Civil Society: The Social and Philosophical Foundations of The Wealth of Nations
 expand sectionChapter five  Agrarian Capitalism and The Wealth of Nations
  Conclusion: Political Economy and Capitalism

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