Introduction  Coronation Studies—Past, Present, and Future
 expand sectionOne  Hincmar of Reims on King-making: The Evidence of the Annals of St. Bertin, 861–882
 expand sectionTwo  Inaugural Aspects of French Royal Ceremonials
  Three  A Coronation Program for the Age of Saint Louis: The Ordo of 1250
  Four  The Manuscript of the Ordo of 1250 and Its Illuminations
  Five  Copies in Context: The Coronation of Charles V in His Grandes Chroniques de France
 expand sectionSix  The Medieval Entry Ceremony at Paris
  Seven  A Note on Viking Age Inaugurations
 expand sectionEight  Coronation and Coronation Ordines in Medieval Scandinavia
  Nine  Gesture in the Coronation Ceremonies of Medieval Poland
 collapse sectionTen  The Ordo for the Coronation of King Roger II of Sicily: An Example of Dating from Internal Evidence
 The Manuscripts
 The Ordo
 The Edition
 expand sectionAppendix
  Eleven  Papal Coronations in Avignon
 expand sectionTwelve  The Origins and Descent of the Fourth Recension of the English Coronation
  Thirteen  "The Wonderfull Spectacle" the Civic Progress of Elizabeth I and the Troublesome Coronation
 expand sectionFourteen  "Continuity" versus "Change": Historians and English Coronations of the Medieval and Early Modern Periods

 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionGeneral Index
  Index of Manuscripts

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