Information and Organizations


 expand section1—  Information, Uncertainty, Structure, and Function in Organizational Sociology
 expand section2—  Individuals' Skills As Information Processing: Charles F. Sabel and the Division of Labor
 expand section3—  Manufacturing Information Systems: Sources of Technical Uncertainty and the Information for Technical Decisions
 expand section4—  Market Uncertainty and Divisionalization: Alfred D. Chandler's Strategy and Structure
 expand section5—  Turning Inventions into Innovations: Schumpeter's Organizational Sociology Modernized
 expand section6—  Organizing Information Outside the Firm:  Contracts As Hierarchical Documents
 expand section7—  Segmentation of the Labor Market and Information on the Skill of Workers
 expand section8—  Class Consciousness and Organizational Sociology: E. P. Thompson Applied to Contemporary Class Consciousness
 expand section9—  University Administration of Research Space and Teaching Loads: Managers Who Do Not Know What Their Workers Are Doing
 expand section10—  Conclusion

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