Pseudo-Hecataeus on the Jews


 expand sectionI  Hecataeus, His Work, and the Jewish Excursus
  II  The Passages in Against Apion: Text and Translation
 expand sectionIII  The Question of Authenticity
 expand sectionIV  Date of Composition
 expand sectionV  The Author: Origin, Education, and Religious Group
 expand sectionVI  The Framework, Literary Genre, Structure, and Contents
  VII  The Purpose of the Book

 expand sectionAppendix A  The Hezekiah Coins
 expand sectionAppendix B  The Dating of Pseudo-Aristeas
 collapse sectionExtended Notes
 1. Hecataeus As a Source of Diodorus's Egyptian Ethnography (p. 15 n. 23)
 2. Stages in the Jewish Occupation of the Coastal Plain at the Time of John Hyrcanus (p. 127 n. 13)
 3. The Date of the Destruction of Gaza By Alexander Jannaeus (p. 127 n. 15 and p. 285 n. 47)
 4. The Hasmonean Rulers and the Hellenistic Cities (p. 128 n. 21)
 5. The Beginning of the First Section in Hecataeus's Egyptian Ethnography (p. 195 n. 51)
 6. The Position of the High Priest in the Period of the Successors (p. 256 n. 8)
 7. The Sequence and Dating of the Berenice Coins From Cos (p. 269 n. 56)
 8. The Rule and Personality of Ptolemy Physcon (p. 285 n. 48)
 9. The Persecution of the Jews by Ptolemy Physcon (p. 237 n. 16 and p. 285 n. 50)
  Chronological Table  Events in Judea and Egypt mentioned in the discussion
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 expand sectionIndex of Names and Subjects
 expand sectionIndex of Greek Terms in Transcription
 expand sectionIndex Locorum

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