Dynasty and Empire in the Age of Augustus

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 expand section1—  Augustus' World Rule
 expand section2—  The Image of Augustus
 collapse section3—  The Peoples of Empire
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 The Peoples of Empire
 Benevolent Imperium
 expand section4—  Drusus, Augustus, and Barbarian Babies
 expand section5—  The Sacrifice of Tiberius
 expand section6—  The Triumph of Tiberius
 expand section7—  Echoes of the Boscoreale Cup Panels in Later Historical Relief
 expand section8—  Tiberius and Drusus in Augustan Propaganda and the Prototype for the Boscoreale Cups
  Conclusion:  The Boscoreale Cups and Roman Art

  Appendix A—  Toreutica:  The Cups as Silver Vessels
  Appendix B—  Communications Theory and the Boscoreale Cups
 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionIndex of Art, History, Sites, and Subjects
  Index of Gems, Intaglios, Cameos, and Cameo Artifacts
  Index of Coins
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