Echo and Narcissus


 expand section1—  The Pleasures of Echo:  The "Problem" of the Speaking Woman
  2—  Constructing a Woman's Speech:  Words and Images:  "Miss Thompson" (1921), Rain (1921), Sadie Thompson (1928)
 expand section3—  Constructing a Woman's Speech:  Sound Film: Rain (1932)
 expand section4—  The Problem of the Speaking Woman: The Spiral Staircase (1946), Blackmail (1929), Notorious (1946), Sorry , Wrong Number (1948)
 expand section5—  Recuperating Women's Speech: Miss Sadie Thompson (1953), Sunset Boulevard (1950)
 expand section6—  Woman and the Authorial Voice:  Disembodied Desire: To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)

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