Chaucer and the Fictions of Gender


 expand section1 —  Introduction
  2 —  The Wife of Bath and the Mark of Adam
 expand section3 —  The Death of the Duchess
 expand section4 —  "We Wrechched Wymmen Konne Noon Art":  Dido and Geffrey in the House of Fame
  5 —  Female Indecision and Indifference in the Parliament of Fowls
  6 —  Troilus and Criseyde:  "Beth War of Men, and Herkneth What I Seye!"
  7 —  The Powers of Silence:  The Case of the Clerk's Griselda
 expand section8 —  "Women-as-the-Same" in the A-Fragment
 expand section9 —  The Merchant's Tale, or Another Poor Worm
 expand section10 —  Making Ernest of Game:  The Franklin's Tale and Some Partial Conclusions

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