Making Muslim Space in North America and Europe

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 collapse sectionToward Islamic English?
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 collapse sectionIntroduction
 Diaspora Muslims and “Space”
 Words in the Islamic Tradition
 Making a Space For Everyday Ritual and Practice
 Claiming a Space in the Larger Community: Mosques, Processions, Contestations
 Imagining Muslim Space
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 collapse section1. Making a Space for Everyday Ritual and Practice
 collapse section1. Muslim Space and the Practice of Architecture
 Wimbledon and the Isna Mosque in Plainfield: Interior Realities
 The Bai‘tul Islam Mosque, Toronto, and Back to Wimbledon: Externalizing Islam
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 collapse section2. Transcending Space
 From Home to Mosque
 From Performance to Participation
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 collapse section3. “This Is a Muslim Home”
 The Philadelphia Communities and Congregational Space
 “This is a Muslim Home”
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 collapse section4. “Refuge” and “Prison”
 The Foyers in France
 West Africans in the Foyers
 North African Arabs in the Foyers
 Ethnicity in the Foyer: Interaction Between West Africans and Arabs
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 collapse section5. Making Room versus Creating Space
 Mouride History
 The Mouride Economy Today
 Migration as a Theme in Mouride History
 The Mourides’ Spiritual and Spatial Center
 Touba in Marseilles
 Inside Mouride Space
 Invisible Architecture: Choreography, Time, and Space
 A New Choreography: Touba Comes to Town
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 collapse section6. New Medinas
 The Tablighi Jama‘at
 Tabligh Abroad
 collapse sectionThree Conversations
 Conversation 1
 Conversation 2
 Conversation 3
 Beyond History and the Nation-State
 Manzil-i Leila: Reaching Heaven
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 collapse section2. Claiming Space in the Larger Community
 collapse section7. Island in a Sea of Ignorance
 Masjid Sankore: “Medina” for New York’s Prisons
 The Conversion of Black Power Militants
 A New Pedagogy of the Incarcerated
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 collapse section8. A Place of Their Own
 Demography, Zoning, and Square Meters
 Landscapes of Kreuzberg: the Structural, the Social Structural, and the Antisocial
 Little Istanbul
 Gurbet: Cinema and Exile
 Expressions of Islam Abroad: Alevis and Sunnis
 Head Scarves and Alevis
 Alevis and Sunnis: Separate Spaces in a Shared World
 From Ritual to Revolution
 Conclusion: Toponomy, Almanyali, and New Identities
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 collapse section9. Stamping the Earth with the Name of Allah
 Urs: Midday, Birmingham, May 1989
 Urs: Ghamkol Sharif, Kohat, Pakistan, October 1989
 Hijra and the Sacralizing of Space
 The Sufi Saint as Tamer of the Wilderness
 The Spatial Dimensions of Sufi Muslim Individual Identity
 Julus and Hijra
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 collapse section10. Karbala as Sacred Space among North American Shi‘a
 The Nature of Shi‘i Piety
 The Imambargah as “Sacred Space”
 Muharram 1411: Devotional Activities at the Ja‘ffari Center
 The Blood of Husain
 “This is Karbala”
 Public Ritual: Julus in Toronto
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 collapse section11. The Muslim World Day Parade and “Storefront” Mosques of New York City
 The Muslim World Day Parade
 collapse section“Storefront” Mosques
 The Queens Muslim Center
 Masjid Al-Falah, Corona, Queens
 Al-Fatih Mosque, Brooklyn
 Creating Mosques: The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens
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 collapse section12. Nationalism, Community, and the Islamization of Space in London
 Tower Hamlets and the Establishment of Mosques
 The Brick Lane Great Mosque and Architectural Conservation
 The East London Mosque, the Call to Prayer, and Urban “Noise”
 Dawoodi Bohras in West London: Finding a Home
 Islam and Definitions of Community in Local Political Arenas
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 collapse section13. Engendering Muslim Identities
 Diversity Among Muslims in France
 Notes Toward a Gendered Approach
 The Gendered Politics of Representation in a Multicultural Context
 The Gallicization of Maghrebi Values and the Ethnicization of Islam
 Conclusion: on Ethnic Revivals and Androcentric Cultural Processes
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  Notes on Contributors

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