Athens from Cleisthenes to Pericles


 expand sectionChapter I—  Athens, Pericles, and the Alcmeonids
  Chapter II—  Athenian Democracy
  Chapter III—  Athenian Imperialism
  Chapter IV—  Athens and Sparta

  Appendix 1—  Herodotus and Aristotle on Peisistratus's Rise to Power
  Appendix 2—  Pericles' Prosecution of Cimon
  Appendix 3—  Damon Son of Damonides
  Appendix 4—  Pericles' Marriages
  Appendix 5—  Isonomia
  Appendix 6—  The Date of Cleisthenes' Reform
  Appendix 7—  The "First" Peace of Callias
  Appendix 8—  The Strasbourg Papyrus and the Financial Decrees of Callias
  Appendix 9—  The Cleinias Decree
  Appendix 10—  The Dating of Attic Inscriptions
 expand sectionIndex of Personal Names and Places
 expand sectionIndex of More Important Terms and Subjects
 expand sectionIndex of Important Passages

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