Cecil B. DeMille and American Culture


 expand sectionOne  The Lasky Company and Highbrow Culture: Authorship Versus Intertextuality
 expand sectionTwo  Self-Theatricalization in Victorian Pictorial Dramaturgy: What's His Name
 expand sectionThree  The Lower East Side as Spectacle: Class and Ethnicity in the Urban Landscape
 expand sectionFour  The Screen As Display Window: Constructing the "New Woman"
 expand sectionFive  The Historical Epic and Progressive Era Civic Pageantry: Joan the Woman
 expand sectionSix  Set and Costume Design as Spectacle in a Consumer Culture: The Early Jazz Age Films
 expand sectionSeven  Demille's Exodus from Famous Players-Lasky: the Ten Commandments (1923)

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 expand sectionNotes
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