Inscribed Landscapes

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 expand sectionIntroduction:  The Rise of Chinese Travel Writing
 expand section1—  Ma Ti-po (n.d.) 
 expand section2—  Wang Hsi-chih (ca. 303–ca. 361) 
 expand section3—  Lay Scholars of Hermitage Mountain (fl. ca. 400) 
 expand section4—  Pao Chao (ca. 414–466) 
 expand section5—  Li Tao-Yüan (d. 527) 
 expand section6—  Yang Hsüan-chih (fl. ca 528–547) 
 expand section7—  Hsüan-tsang (ca. 600–664) 
 expand section8—  Wang Po (ca. 650–ca. 676) 
 expand section9—  Wang Wei (701–761) 
 expand section10—  Yüan Chieh (719–772) 
 expand section11—  Han Yü (768–824) 
 collapse section12—  Li Ao (772–836) 
 Diary of My Coming to the South (809)
 expand section13—  Po Chü-i (772–846) 
 expand section14—  Liu Tsung-yüan (773–819) 
 expand section15—  Liu K'ai (947–1000) 
 expand section16—  Fan Chung-yen (989–1052) 
 expand section17—  Ou-yang Hsiu (1007–1072) 
 expand section18—  Su Shun-ch'in (1008–1048) 
 expand section19—  Wang An-shih (1021–1086) 
 expand section20—  Shen K'uo (1031–1095) 
 expand section21—  Su Shih (1037–1101) 
 expand section22—  Su Ch'e (1039–1112) 
 expand section23—  Ch'in Kuan (1049–1100) 
 expand section24—  Lu Yu (1125–1210) 
 expand section25—  Fan Ch'eng-ta (1126–1193) 
 expand section26—  Chu Hsi (1130–1200) 
 expand section27—  Yeh-lü Ch'u-ts'ai (1189–1243) 
 expand section28—  Yüan Hao-wen (1190–1257) 
 expand section29—  Ma Ko (fl. ca. 1224–1239) 
 expand section30—  Chou Mi (1232–1298) 
 expand section31—  Teng Mu (1247–1306) 
 expand section32—  Sa-tu-la (Sa T'ien-hsi, ca. 1300-ca. 1380) 
 expand section33—  Sung Lien (1310–1381) 
 expand section34—  Liu Chi (1311–1375) 
 expand section35—  Kao Ch'i (1336–1374) 
 expand section36—  Chang Chü-cheng (1525–1582) 
 expand section37—  Wang Shih-chen (1526–1590) 
 expand section38—  Yüan Hung-tao (1568–1610) 
 expand section39—  Ch'ien Ch'ien-i (1582–1664) 
 expand section40—  Hsü Hung-tsu (1586–1641) 
 expand section41—  Chang Tai (ca. 1597–ca. 1679) 
 expand section42—  Ku Yen-wu (1613–1682) 
 expand section43—  Chu I-tsun (1629–1709) 
 expand section44—  Shao Ch'ang-heng (1637–1707) 
 expand section45—  K'ung Shang-jen (1648–1718) 
 expand section46—  Tai Ming-shih (1653–1713) 
 expand section47—  Fang Pao (1668–1749) 
 expand section48—  Yüan Mei (1716–1798) 
 expand section49—  Yün Ching (1757–1817) 
 expand section50—  Kung Tzu-chen (1792–1841) 

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