Ritual Ground


 expand sectionChapter 1  Hearts and Minds
 expand sectionChapter 2  Realms of Meaning
 expand sectionChapter 3  Nostalgia for Paradise
 expand sectionChapter 4  Castle on the Plains
 expand sectionChapter 5  Ritual Trade
 expand sectionChapter 6  Bent's Old Fort as the New World
 expand sectionChapter 7  Circuits of Power
 collapse sectionChapter 8  Victory and Defeat
 The Demise of Bent's Old Fort
 Securing New Mexico
 1849: The Gold Rush
 Defending the Southwest from Confederate Invasion
 Red Rebels as Red Devils: Allies to Enemies
 Sand Creek
 After Sand Creek: The End of Ritual
 expand sectionEpilogue  Modern Ritual at Bent's Old Fort

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