The Stubborn Earth

  A Note about Terms and Romanization

  1  Curiosity:  The U.S. Department of Agriculture Looks Abroad, 1890s - 1910s
  2  Instruction:  Early Advisers and Grand Visions, 1890s - 1910s
  3  Zeal:  Joseph Bailie's Secular Crusades, 1910s
  4  Mission:  Christianity and Agricultural Improvement, 1910s—1920s
  5  Competition:  King Cotton and Collegiate Rivalry, 1920s
  6  Timidity:  The International Education Board and Cornell, 1920s
  7  Myopia:  Lossing Buck and Agricultural Economics, 1920s—1930s
  8  Defeat:  The Failure of the Star Pupil, 1930s

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