Historical Economics


 expand section1—  Historical Economics a Bridge between Liberal Arts and Business Studies?
 expand section2—  Economic History

 collapse sectionPART 2—  EUROPE
 expand section3—  Spenders and Hoarders the World Distribution of Spanish American Silver, 1550–1750
 expand section4—  Introduction to England's Treasure by Forraign Trade, or The Ballance of Our Forraign Trade Is the Rule of Our Treasure by Thomas Mun
 expand section5—  The Historical Background: Adam Smith and the Industrial Revolution
 expand section6—  Commercial Policy between the Wars
 expand section7—  The Postwar Resurgence of the French Economy

 collapse sectionPART 3—  THE UNITED STATES
 expand section8—  US Foreign Economic Policy, 1776–1976
 expand section9—  The Aging Economy
 expand section10—  America in Decline? Possible Parallels and Consequences

 collapse sectionPART 4—  FINANCE
 expand section11—  Financial Deregulation and Economic Performance:  An Attempt to Relate European Financial History to Current LDC Issues
 expand section12—  Write-Off or Work-Out? A Historical Analysis of Creditor Options
 expand section13—  Exchange-Rate Changes and Ratchet Effects: A Historical Perspective
 collapse section14—  The Panic of 1873
 expand section15—  Capital Flight: A Historical Perspective

 collapse sectionPART 5—  CONCLUSION
 expand section16—  Conclusion

 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionINDEX

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