Rugged Justice


 expand sectionOne—  Origins and Early Years
 expand sectionTwo—  Railroads, Robber Barons, and the Saving of Stanford University
 expand sectionThree—  Testing Tolerance: Chinese Exclusion and the Ninth Circuit
 expand sectionFour—  Intrigue at Anvil Creek
 expand sectionFive—  The Judicial Faultline: Battles over Natural Resources
 expand sectionSix—  Replacing the Vanguard
 expand sectionSeven—  War, Liquor, and the Quest for Order
 expand sectionEight—  Different Paths to the Bench
 collapse sectionNine—  Adjudicating the New Deal
 I. The Depression in the West
 II. Agricultural Woes
 III. Judicial Chasms Over Recovery Legislation
 IV. Labor Controversies
 V. Dams and Water
 expand sectionTen—  A Court Too Large?

  Appendix : Ninth Circuit Statistical Study
 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionIndex

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