The Dispersion of Egyptian Jewry


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 expand section2. Communitarianisms, Nationalisms, Nostalgias
 expand section3. Citizens, Dhimmis, and Subversives
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 expand section5. The Graduates of Ha-shomer Ha-tza‘ir in Israel
 collapse section6. The Communist Emigres in France
 The Palestine Question and the Jewish Communists
 Emigre Politics and Reterritorialization
 Exile and Communist Politics
 The Suez Crisis and Aftermath
 Political Nomadism
 Egyptian Jews as Intermediaries in the Arab-Israeli Conflict
 Egyptian Jews in Paris and the Arab-Israeli Conflict After the 1967 War
 Henri Curiel, the PLO, and the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
 expand section7. The Karaites of the San Francisco Bay Area

 collapse section3. Egyptian-Israeli Peace and Egyptian Jewish Histories
 expand section8. The Recovery of Egyptian Jewish Identity
 expand section9. Opposing Camp David and Remembering the Jews of Egypt

  Interview with Jacques Hassoun
  Abbreviations Used in the Notes
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