American Literary Realism and the Failed Promise of Contract


 expand sectionChapter 1  Introduction
 expand sectionChapter 2  Contract and the Road from Equity
 expand sectionChapter 3  Henry James and the Construction of Privacy
 expand sectionChapter 4  In the Hands of The Silent Partner and Spiritual Regulation in The Bread-Winners
 expand sectionChapter 5 The Rise of Silas Lapham and the Hazards of Realistic Development
 expand sectionChapter 6  Charles W. Chesnutt: Race and the Re-negotiation of the Federal Contract
 expand sectionChapter 7  Twain, Tourgée, and the Logic of "Separate but Equal"
 expand sectionChapter 8  Corporate Liberalism, the Politics of Character, and Professional Management in Phillips's The Cost and Lynde's The Grafters
 expand sectionChapter 9  The Question of Agency and Delivering the Promise

 expand sectionNotes
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