Hegemony to Empire



 collapse sectionPART ONE
 expand section1  Macedonia Provincia
 expand section2  The Status of Greece after the Achaean War
 expand section3  Mummius's Settlement of Greece
 expand section4  The Origins of Asia Provincia

 collapse sectionPART TWO
 expand section5  Proconsular Administration in the East, 148-89
 expand section6  Roman Arbitration of Greek Disputes after 148
 expand section7  Treaties of Alliance
 expand section8  Rome and Athens from the Achaean War to Sulla

 collapse sectionPART THREE
 expand section9  Rome and the East between Aristonicus and Mithridates: The Events
 expand section10  Sulla's Settlement of the East
 expand section11  From Sulla to Pompey

 expand sectionAPPENDICES
 expand sectionINDEX OF SOURCES

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