The Master and Minerva



 collapse section1—  PROFILES IN MASTERY
 collapse section1—  Ovidian and Aristotelian Figures
 Learning to Dispute
 A Clerkly Savoir Faire
 A Game of Prevarication
 An Academic Matter
 Mastery Confounded
 expand section2—  The Trials of Discipleship: Le Roman de la poire and Le Dit de la panthère d'amours
 expand section3—  The Master at Work:  Richard de Fournival's Bestiaire d'amour

 collapse section2—  PROLIFERATING RESPONSES
 expand section4—  Contrary to What Is Said:  The Response au Bestiaire d'amour and the Case for a Woman's Response
 expand section5—  Defamation and the Livre de leesce :  The Problem of a Sycophantic Response
 expand section6—  Christine's Way:  The Querelle du Roman de la rose and the Ethics of a Political Response
 expand section7—  A Libelous Affair:  The Querelle de la Belle Dame sans merci and the Prospects for a Legal Response
 expand sectionCoda—  Clotilde de Surville and the Latter-Day History of the Woman's Response

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