Chaucerian Play


  Introduction:  Laughter, Play, and Fiction
  Chapter One—  Reading for Sentence versus Reading for Solas :  A Broadening Example
  Chapter Two—  The Spirit versus the Flesh in Art and Interpretation
  Chapter Three—  Power and Play:  The Consolations of Fiction I
  Chapter Four—  Dangerous Desires and Play:  The Consolations of Fiction II
  Chapter Five—  Breaking Verbal Taboos:  The Consolations of Fiction III
  Chapter Six—  "Straw for Youre Gentillesse":  Symbolic Rebellion in the Canterbury Tales
  Chapter Seven—  Deauthor izing the Text:  Setting Up the Game of the Canterbury Tales
  Conclusion:  The Canterbury Tales as Stabilized and Stabilizing Structure

  Appendix:  The Troilus Frontispiece and the Dramatic Presentation of Chaucer's Verse
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