Books of the Brave

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  To Whom It May Concern

  I  The Spanish Conquistador
  II  The Romances of Chivalry
  III  The Conquistador and the "Lying Histories"
  IV  Amazons, Books and Conquerors—Mexico
  V  Amazons, Books and Conquerors—South America
  VI  The Conquerors and the Moralists
  VII  Light Literature and the Law
  VIII  Books Follow the Conqueror
  IX  Favorite Fiction
  X  The House of Trade and the Conquerors' Books
  XI  Boats and Books
  XII  Visitas and Books
  XIII  On the Mexican Book Trade, 1576
  XIV  Best Sellers of the Lima Book Trade, 1583
  XV  One Man's Library, Manila, 1583
  XVI  On the Mexican Book Trade, 1600
  XVII  The Picaro Follow The Conquistador
  XVIII  Don Quixote Invades the Spanish Indies
  XIX  Don Quixote in the Land of the Incas
  XX  The Literary Legacy

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  A Brief Bibliography
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