Small Property Versus Big Government

  Preface to the Paperback Edition

 expand sectionIntroduction
 expand section1—  Whose Interests? Whose Programs? Redistributing the Property Tax Burden
 collapse section2—  Theories of Inequality and an Interactive Approach to Power
 The People's Choice?
 expand sectionClass Politics, Status Politics, and Communities of Consumers
 expand sectionInteraction, Power, and Redistributive Programs
 expand section3—  Probusiness Leaders and Consumers' Movements in Communities
 expand section4—  Middle Americans and Generalized Unresponsiveness
 expand section5—  Middle-Income Communities in Search of Power
 expand section6—  Community Business Leaders:  Bounded Power and Movement Alliances
 expand section7—  Frustrated Advantage in Upper-Middle-Class Communities
 expand section8—  The Politics of Probusiness Tax Limitation
  Conclusion:  Postcorporatist Protests and the Reconstruction of Inequality
 expand sectionEpilogue  No Satisfaction?

 expand sectionNotes
 expand sectionAppendix Research Methods for Studying Social Movement History
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  Supplementary Bibliography
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