Plant Migration


 expand sectionIntroduction

 collapse sectionPart I  Modern and Historical  Migrations
 expand section1  Shoreline And Other  Naturally Open  Habitats
 expand section2  Vegetation Subject  To Natural  Perturbations
 expand section3  Invasion And  Elimination In  Established  Vegetation
 expand section4  Artificially Modified  Habitats
 expand section5  Discussion Of Modern  And Historical  Migrations

 collapse sectionPart II  Prehistoric Migrations
 expand section6  Last Glacial  And Holocene
 expand section7  Pleistocene Before  Last Glacial
 expand section8  Neogene (Miocene  And Pliocene)
 collapse section9  The Deep Past
 expand sectionPaleozoic And Mesozoic Gymnosperms
 expand sectionCretaceous Angiosperms
 Cretaceous—Tertiary Transition
 Paleogene (Paleocene, Eocene, And Oligocene
 10  Discussion Of  Prehistoric  Migrations

 collapse sectionPart III  Migration and Evolution
 expand section11  Deductive  Interrelationships
 expand section12  Case Histories Of  Evolution Associated  With Migration
 13  Migration Without  Evolution?
 14  Conclusion

 expand sectionIndex To Genera

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