Tobacco War:

 expand sectionPreface

 expand section1. Introduction
 expand section2. Beginnings: The Nonsmokers' Rights Movement
 expand section3. Proposition 99 Emerges
 expand section4. Beating the Tobacco Industry at the Polls
 expand section5. Moving to the Legislature
 expand section6. Proposition 99's First Implementing Legislation
 expand section7. Implementing the Tobacco Control Program
 expand section8. The Tobacco Industry's Response
 expand section9. The Battle over Local Tobacco Control Ordinances
 expand section10. Continued Erosion of the Health Education Account: 1990-1994
 collapse section11. Battles over Preemption
 SB 376: The First Threat of Preemption
 The Voluntary Health Agencies Accept Preemption
 The Birth of AB 13
 The Tobacco Industry's Response: AB 996
 The View from outside Sacramento
 AB 13 and AB 996 on the Assembly Floor
 On to the Senate
 The Philip Morris Plan
 The Philip Morris Initiative
 The Continuing Fight over AB 13
 The Philip Morris Signature Drive
 The Legislature Passes AB 13
 AB 13 and Proposition 188
 The Stealth Campaign
 The “No” Campaign
 The Wellness Foundation
 The Federal Communications Commission
 expand section12. The End of Acquiescence
 expand section13. The Lawsuits
 expand section14. Doing It Differently
 expand section15. Political Interference in Program Management
 expand section16. Lessons Learned

 expand sectionAppendix A
  Appendix B Important California Tobacco Control Events
  About the Authors

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