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Appendix A

Organizations, Programs, and People Involved in Tobacco Control in California


  • American Cancer Society (ACS)
  • American Heart Association (AHA)
  • American Lung Association (ALA)
  • Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR): A national nonprofit lobbying organization based in Berkeley, California, dedicated to protecting nonsmokers from secondhand smoke and keeping the tobacco industry out of tile public policy-making process. American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation (ANRF) is ANR's educational arm. ANR is the successor to Californians for Nonsmokers' Rights (CNR).
  • California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (CAHHS): An organization that represents the interests of hospitals and health systems in the California Legislature.
  • California Department of Education (CDE): The state agency responsible for school-based Proposition 99 programs. It reports to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, an elected position that is independent of the governor. California Medical Association (CMA).
  • Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP): The program established by California to meet requirements for the federal Early and Periodic Screening, Detection, and Treatment Program. It was the major program to which Proposition 99's Health Education money was diverted between 1989 and 1996.
  • Coalition for a Healthy California: The coalition of advocates who worked together to pass Proposition 99 and oppose Proposition 188. Its leadership came from the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society.
  • Comprehensive Perinatal Outreach (CPO): A California program designed to insure that pregnant women receive prenatal care. It does not offer services itself but links women to services that can help them. CPO received money from Proposition 99's Health Education Account from 1991 through 1996.
  • Department of Health Services (DHS): The state agency responsible for all Proposition 99 programs except the school-based ones. It is part of the State Health and Welfare Agency, and its director is appointed by the governor. The Tobacco Control Section (TCS) was part of DHS.
  • Local Lead Agency (LLA): The umbrella name given to the county and city health departments charged with implementing Proposition 99 at the local level. There are sixty-one LLAs, fifty-eight county health departments and three city health departments.
  • Tobacco Control Section (TCS): The section of the Department of Health Services (DHS) that was responsible for administering Proposition 99 programs.
  • Tobacco Education and Research Oversight Committee (TEROQ: The committee appointed to oversee the Proposition 99 Health Education and Research programs. In 1989 it was called the Tobacco Education Oversight Committee (TEOC) and only oversaw the Health Education programs. Its mission was broadened in 1994.
  • Western Center for Law and Poverty: A Sacramento-based advocacy organization concerned with health care for the poor.


  • Adams, Mary: Lobbyist for the AHA; had been a lobbyist for the ACS (as Mary Dunn) when Proposition 99 passed.
  • Bal, Dileep: Head of the DHS Cancer Control Branch, which includes TCS.
  • Belshe, Kimberly: Southern California spokesperson for tobacco industry against Proposition 99, 1988; Director of DHS, 1993-1998.
  • Bowser, Roman: Executive vice president of the AHA.
  • Brown, Willie: Speaker of the California Assembly until 1995.
  • Carol, Julia: Executive Director of ANR.
  • Connelly, Lloyd: Member of the California State Assembly; helped organize Proposition 99.
  • Cook, Jennie: ACS volunteer and second chair of TEROC.
  • Coye, Molly Joel: Director of DHS, 1991-1993.
  • Deukmejian, George: Governor of California, 1983-1991.
  • Glantz, Stanton: Early tobacco control advocate; professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco; treasurer and president of ANR, 1980-1986.
  • Hanauer, Peter: Early tobacco control advocate; treasurer of the campaigns for Propositions 5 and 10; first president of ANR; member of the ANR board.
  • Hite, Betsy: ACS employee who worked on passage of Proposition 99; later a spokesperson for DHS.
  • Isenberg, Phil: Member of the California State Assembly; carried the first three pieces of Proposition 99 implementing legislation.
  • Kizer, Ken: Director of DHS when Proposition 99 passed.
  • Martin, Carolyn: ALA volunteer and first chair of TEOC.
  • Mekemson, Curt: Started Proposition 99 while working for ALA Sacramento Emigrant Trails.
  • Merksamer, Steve: Former chief of staff to George Deukmejian; his law firm does lobbying for the tobacco industry.
  • Michael, Jay: CMA's chief lobbyist until 1992.
  • Miller, John: Aide to Senator Diane Watson; worked on the Proposition 99 implementing legislation.
  • Najera, Tony: ALA's chief lobbyist; led the lobbying effort on the Proposition 99 implementing legislation.
  • Nethery, W. James: ACS president; chair of Coalition for a Healthy California when Proposition 99 passed; worked on the first piece of implementing legislation.
  • Nicholl, Jack: Campaign manager for the Yes on Proposition 99 and No on Proposition 188 campaigns.
  • Nielsen, Vigo: Attorney for the tobacco industry.
  • Schilla, Peter: Chief lobbyist for the Western Center for Law and Poverty.
  • Smoley, Sandra: Member, Sacramento County Board of Supervisors; later Secretary of the Health and Welfare Agency under Wilson.
  • Thompson, Steve: Aide to Willie Brown; head of the Assembly Office of Research; chief CMA lobbyist after 1992.
  • Wilson, Pete: Governor of California, 1991-1999.

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