Empire of Ecstasy


 collapse sectionFigure One
 Body, Image, Context
 A Theoretical Context
 Wolfgang Graeser
 Karl Bücher
 Émile Jaques-Dalcroze
 collapse sectionEarly Nackttanz
 Adorée Villany
 Mata Hari
 Gertrud Leistikow
 Olga Desmond
 Barefoot Modernism
 collapse sectionNacktkultur
 Hans Surén
 Adolf Koch
 Richard Ungewitter
 collapse sectionFeminist Nacktkultur
 Bess Mensendieck
 Fritz Giese and Hedwig Hagemann
 Dora Menzler
 Alice Bloch
 collapse sectionErotic Nacktkultur
 Lotte Herrlich
 Nudism, Dance, and Eroticism
 Die Schönheit
 Ernst Schertel
 Ida Herion
 Problems of Nacktkultur Dance
 Mary Wigman and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
 Rudolf Laban
 collapse sectionNacktballett
 Celly De Rheydt
 Critique of Girlkultur
 Anita Berber
 Dances of Vice, Horror, and Ecstasy
 collapse sectionSchools of Bodily Expressivity
 Dance and Dances
 Rudolf Laban
 Mary Wigman
 Rudolf Bode
 Dorothee Günther
 The Bauhaus Experiments
 Lili Green
 collapse sectionSolo Dancing
 Semiotics of Solo Dance
 Edith Von Schrenck
 Grit Hegesa
 Charlotte Bara
 Sent M'ahesa
 Ellen Tels and Mila Cirul
 Niddy Impekoven
 Gret Palucca
 Gertrud Kraus
 Gertrud Leistikow
 Trudi Schoop, Julia Marcus, and Valeska Gert
 collapse sectionPair Dancing
 Lo Hesse and Joachim Von Seewitz
 Walter Holdt and Lavinia Schulz
 The Falke Sisters
 The Sacharoffs
 Yvonne Georgi and Harald Kreutzberg
 collapse sectionGroup Dancing
 Rita Sacchetto
 Two Other Early Dance Groups
 Vera Skoronel
 Hans Weidt
 Hertha Feist
 Jutta Klamt
 Rudolf Steiner
 Gertrud Bodenwieser
 Kurt Jooss
 Lola Rogge
 collapse sectionTheatre Dancing
 Heinrich KrÖller and Ellen Petz
 Theoretical Positions
 Claire Eckstein
 Laban in the Theatre
 Other Theatre Choreographers
 Max Terpis
 collapse sectionMass Dancing
 Significant Theorists of Mass Movement
 The Dance Congresses
 Nazi Concepts of Mass Movement
 collapse sectionMusic and Movement
 Hilde Strinz
 Dance As Writing
 collapse sectionDance Criticism
 Hans Brandenburg
 Hans W. Fischer
 Ernst Blass and Rainer Maria Rilke
 Frank Thiess
 Fritz Giese
 Rudolf LÄmmel
 Fritz Böhme
 Critiques of German Critical Writing
 Paul Van Ostaijen
 collapse sectionDance As Image
 Graphic Arts
 Dance Architecture
  Ecstasy and Modernity

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