The Power of the Gun


 expand section1—  Late Qing Military Organization
 expand section2—  The Politicization of the Military:  The New Army and the 1911 Revolution
 expand section3—  The Provincial Regimes of the Early Republic:  Civil Government under Military Governors
 expand section4—  Military Problems and Policies of the Provincial Regimes
 expand section5—  Centralization and the Provinces under the Dictatorship of Yuan Shikai
 expand section6—  The Anti-Monarchical War and the Inception of Warlordism
 expand section7—  The North-South War and the Triumph of Warlordism
 expand section8—  Warlord Rule and the Failure of Civil Provincialism

  Appendix:  The Organizational Structure and Strength of Late Qing and Early Republican Armies
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