Backstory 3

  A Note on Credits

  Jay Presson Allen: Writer by Default
  George Axelrod: Irony!
  Walter Bernstein: A Moral Center
  Horton Foote: The Trip from Wharton
  Walon Green: Fate will Get You
  Charles B. Griffith: Not of this Earth
  John Michael Hayes: Qué Sera, Sera
 expand sectionRing Lardner Jr.: American Skeptic
  Richard Matheson: Storyteller
  Wendell Mayes: The Jobs Poured over Me
  Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank Jr.: Tapestry of Life
  Arnold Schulman: Nothing but Regrets
  Stirling Silliphant: The Finger of God
 expand sectionTerry Southern: Ultrahip

  Bibliographic Notes
  Notes on Interviewers
 expand sectionGeneral Index
 expand sectionIndex of Films, Plays, and Books

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