Changing the Rules


 expand section1  Introduction
 expand section2  Dar es Salaam in Transition
 expand section3  Shifting Boundaries of State Control
 expand section4  The Informal Economy and the Politics of Economic Reform
 expand section5  Informal Strategies for Survival
 expand section6  Everyday Forms of Resistance and Transformations of Economic Policy
 expand section7  From the Arusha Declaration to the Zanzibar Declaration
 expand section8  Conflicting Visions

 expand sectionAppendix A  Research Methods
 expand sectionAppendix B  Partial List of Interviews
 expand sectionAppendix C  Key Activities in Dar es Salaam's Informal Economy
  Appendix D  Rates for Small-Business Licenses in Dar es Salaam, 1988
  Appendix E  Holders of Small-Business Licenses in Dar es Salaam, 1988
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